The WorldPace Mission
Saving lives by giving free pacemakers to the poor afflicted with heart disease

Millions of the world's indigent poor die every year for lack of a costly pacemaker.

Every Heart Deserves a Second Chance.

Pacemakers save lives.

But due to their high cost poor people the world over die for lack of one.


Most families in developed countries like the US are blessed with access to lifesaving devices like a pacemaker. Let's help the poor families around the world that cannot afford one.

Let's create awareness. You can make a real difference between life and death!


Most families in poor countries could never afford a costly pacemaker.* Unfortunately, lack of financial resources makes all the difference between life and death for the poor.

With your help WorldPace provides a future for them and for their families.

Lives are saved, families kept intact. Every Heartdeserves a second chance.

Take Action

* Pacemakers typically cost $5,000-$30,000. Surgery and related medical services can increase the overall cost to over $100,000. WorldPace covers these costs for people in other countries who would otherwise die. Your donation allows WorldPace to give many people a new future.