The WorldPace Mission

Our Approach

  • 1

    Pacemaker is donated by the loved ones of those who have passed (funeral home) or from a family who had to have one changed-out (hospital)

  • 2

    Decontamination at these sites – “Blue-bagged” and placed in appropriate shipping container. The product is now ready for FedEx to ship

  • 3

    Receipt at NES reprocessing facility – receiving, inspecting, cataloging and testing at NES

  • 4

    Decontamination and cleaning process according to international and FDA standards

  • 5

    Inspection and extensive functional/electrical testing

  • 6

    Packaging, labeling and sterilization

  • 7

    Boxing for shipment

  • 8

    Shipping to the world hospitals where local doctors will reimplant anywhere in the world!

Lives are saved, families kept intact. Every Heartdeserves a second chance.

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