Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the donated pacemakers come from?

They are explanted from deceased donors, those who have arranged for donation prior to their passing or whose families have donated them following their demise. They are then cleaned, tested, fully reconditioned, packaged, and sterilized according to international and USFDA guidelines.

Where do you get your money? What percentage of my donation goes directly to help the poor vs for administration and management?

To date, 100% of funds donated to WorldPace have been contributed by the founders and by Northeast Scientific, Inc. WorldPace estimates that commencing in September 2014, 90% of all donated money will used for direct patient aid. Approximately 10% will be used for administrative expenses, management, and fundraising.

How do you know the pacemakers keep working after they are donated?

We maintain a database containing all pacemaker recipients. The pacemakers donated by WorldPace have telemetry transmission capability. Attending physicians can monitor the pacemaker performance data remotely from anywhere on Earth either by using our equipment or equipment they may own.

How do you decide who gets a donated pacemaker?

We work with corresponding doctors and surgeons in countries all over the world to identify the neediest patients outside the USA.

Do you donate pacemakers to the needy in the USA?

No. Under USFDA rules WorldPace is not permitted to distribute reprocessed pacemakers in the USA.

Why are you doing this?

To save the lives of poor people who would otherwise never have a chance to receive a pacemaker due to their extremely high cost.

What do pacemakers cost?

New pacemakers cost between $5,000 and $35,000, plus the costs of implanting them. So the entire cost of a pacemaker and attendant medical services can be over $100,000 in certain parts of the world. WorldPace provides 100% of all the costs associated with delivering and implanting the pacemaker. Nothing is left for the patient to pay.

How can I donate?

Lives are saved, families kept intact. Every Heartdeserves a second chance.

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