About WorldPace

WorldPace is a nonprofit organization committed to helping improve the chances of survival of the world’s indigent poor affected with heart disease; people who simply cannot afford a costly pacemaker. WorldPace donates explanted, professionally reprocessed cardiac devices to the poor, devices that would otherwise be disposed of as medical waste in the USA.

Every year, nearly 3 million people worldwide die from heart disease that is treatable with a pacemaker. Poorer countries are disproportionally affected with 82% of these deaths occurring in them. Men between 45 and 60 years of age are more likely to be affected than women. So when the head of the family dies prematurely, especially in under-developed countries, the family suffers greatly. There are devastating socio-economic consequences to this loss that hinder the children’s chances of a better life and success. When a family’s financial and social status suffers, a community suffers as well and the damage is multiplied.

It is appalling to learn that in most impoverished areas around the world, doctors don’t even tell poor patients about treatment with a pacemaker implantation because they could never afford one.

But WorldPace is changing that and helping prolong the life of those suffering from cardiac disease. We bring the pacemakers, surgical services, and related medical care to people outside the USA who can not afford it, free of charge. Deploying fully functional, professionally reprocessed pacemakers, WorldPace directly and immediately improves patients’ chances for survival and the quality of life for them and their families.

By supporting our efforts, you are “hands-on” helping to save lives, keeping families together, and improving communities around the world.

Thank You!

Pacemakers are readily affordable in the USA. Thankfully, everyone who needs one gets one.
When a loved one dies wearing a pacemaker, the device is buried with them or removed before cremation. Then it's discarded as medical waste.

We have started the first Pacemaker National Donor's Program. If you currently wear a pacemaker, you can eventually pass it on and save a life. Learn how.

Donated pacemakers are professionally reprocessed and given to the world’s needy poor at no charge.

Lives are saved, families kept intact. Every Heartdeserves a second chance.

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